Bet Online And Avoid The Covid-19 Spread

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The World Health Organisation has declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, and South Africa is officially in a state of disaster with a lockdown scheduled as of March 7th. Some experts believe that the disease trajectory in this country is similar to what has been seen in Italy, the country which has had the highest number of COVID-19 deaths. To date, there have been no fatal cases of the virus on South African soil, and authorities have enforced a lockdown as a means of keeping it that way. As we try to cope with this new reality, online sports betting can help us do so, as it remains safe and within the strict lockdown guidelines.

Staying In? You Can Still Bet Online

Due to the nationwide lockdown in South Africa, going out to land-based bookmakers is no longer possible. As all non-essential goods and services are suspended during lockdown due to COVID-19, online betting is reliable and shows no signs for slowing down. Placing bets from smartphones, tablets and laptops, while at home, is still safe and accessible. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you have a world of wagering opportunities at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

In fact, often you’ll have more options and better odds than you would at a land-based sportsbook. The user-friendly sites are easy to navigate, with secure banking options to give bettors total peace of mind. You also have the advantage of being able to thoroughly research athletes online before you make any predictions. On top of all that, you get to take advantage of generous bonuses when betting with an online bookmaker.

Suspended Events Make Space for Virtual Sports

With the threat of the novel coronavirus still looming large, most professional sports bodies have put their games on hold until further notice. This is true for the Premier League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and other organisations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also confirmed that the Olympics, scheduled to be held in that country in 2020, will be postponed until 2021.

Since no events are happening, many bettors might be wondering exactly how they can place wagers and on what. Online betting may provide a safe way to land a big win, but there must actually be events to put money on. What can we do now that regular events have dwindled so much? The answer lies in virtual sports.

Virtual sports involve running algorithms to determine the results of a simulated game. Players’ real performance statistics are used to create the outcome, and athletes are assigned to a game or a race via Random Number Generation software.

You choose which virtual sport you’re interested in, and will then be presented with a list of racers or players who will be going against each other or a list of which players will be on opposing teams. This random assignment of players makes the outcome all the more exciting to watch for.

The results are calculated in minutes, and the action is simulated with high-quality graphics and animations. Importantly, athletes and bettors both remain safe and unexposed over the entire process. Several leading bookmakers have offered virtual sports betting for some time, and are increasing their selection for a now growing audience.

Virtual Sports Betting Options

While the exact range of virtual sports bets and events will vary with the sportsbooks that you choose, you can generally still bet on the same outcomes as you would with land-based sports. In other words, specific prop bets such as which team will score first, point spreads, straight winners and totals are offered on Football, Baseball, Tennis and other matches.

With speedway, horse, motor and greyhound races it’s possible to predict the overall winner and how the horses will place. Accumulators are often also offered, and the rapid results generation helps to keep bettors excited and engaged. Betting on virtual results is a lot simpler than betting on physical games and races since the only factors that you need to consider are the athletes’ performance statistics.

Recent injuries and scoring averages are important, for instance, but the track or field size and the weather conditions are not. All you need to think about is how athletes will work together, or match up against each other if they’re on opposing sides.

Virtual races and matches are thus not only a great way to fill the void left by the recent cancellation of sporting events amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but they can also provide you with valuable insights. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder industry-leading bookmakers are offering wider virtual sports betting selections.

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