Supabets Mobile Review 2020



Anyone who enjoys sports betting in South Africa have heard definitely about Supabets, one of the best betting sites in South Africa. This sports betting site offers sports fanatics across South Africa the possibility to bet on their favorite games and events, wherever they are.

But did you actually know that you can bet online on Supabets mobile version? You should make sure to get your Supabets mobile login setup on your smartphone today already, so you can start betting owherever you are on your favorite sports!

Imagine to be able to bet from your phone in a bar, while watching your favorite soccer och rugby game? It doesn’t get any easier or better than that – and in case you find it a bit tricky, we will assist you along the way!

Supabets do not offer a betting app unfortunately, but the Supabets mobile version is as good as it gets. The user-friendly interface makes it very easy and pleasant to make betting on sports,on all the games you interested in. If you already have a Supabets account since before, you can just login in on your phone and access Supabets mobile by logging in with your normal login details – no need to register again!

3.8 / 5


If you don’t have a Supabets account and want to start betting with Supabets today, we will now guide you through the process of getting your Supabets login ready so you can start betting on your favorite games today!

The Supabet register process is quite easy, but you need to make sure you have setup an email account before, for example an Gmail, have your phone in handy and that you know your personal ID-number – which you hopefully do!


Time Needed : 2 minutes

Step by Step Guide for Supabets mobile registration

  1. Go to Supabets Mobile Page

    Just click here to get redirected to the Supabets mobile page. Below you will see a picture of how it should look like when you reach the Supabets mobile page.

  2. Login to Supabets Mobile

    If you already have a Supabets login, you just click the LOGIN button and type in your Supebets account details and login as usual.

    However, if you do not have a Supabets account, please continue this step by step guide on how to get your Supabets login today.

  3. Register on Supabets Mobile

    If you wish to register with Supabets mobile so that you can login and start betting, you must click the REGISTER button. You can also click here to get redirected to the Supabets mobile registration page directly.

    Below we have added a picture of how the Supabets Registration form looks like.

  4. What you need to do now

    When you reach Supabets mobile registration page you will need to fill in your personal details to be able to proceed to the Supabets login page.

    You will need to add the following information to be able to register with Supabets mobile:
    – First Name
    – Last Name
    – Username (Something easy to remember)
    – Email Address (Use your own personal email)
    – Phone Number (Use your own personal number)
    – Select Country (Where you currently live)
    – ID/Passport Number (Use your own ID/Passport Number)
    – Password (Use a strong password that only you know)

    When all these details are added correctly, tick the box to confirm that your are not a robot and after that go ahead and click the red Register button.

  5. Supabets Mobile Verification

    You Supabets account is setup and you are almost ready to start betting online! You will soon receive a SMS from Supabets with some general information about your account and bonus offers.

  6. You Supabets Mobile account is ready

    You can now use your username and password and head to Supabets login, type in your details – and login!

    Now you just have to do your first deposit and you will only be minutes away from betting online with Supabets!


The Supabets mobile version is very user-friendly and gives you a great mobile betting experience, wherever you are.

The black and red layout gives Supabets mobile a great feeling, and its very easy to find the various sports categories available that you wish to bet on.

The layout of Supabets mobile will really make your life easier, and remember, you can bet wherever you are – and bet at any time of the day, as long as there is a game going on somewhere in the world!

Have a look on the picture below to get a better idea of how the Supabets mobile version looks like.


The beauty with Supabets mobile is that you get access to the same variety of customer support options that you would if you were to bet from Supabets computer version.

The contact details for Supabets South Africa can be found below, and make sure you contact them as soon you need any help or assistance. No matter what it could be, as long as it concerns your Supabets account, they are there to help you out.


📌 How do I find coupons on Supabets?

The Supabets coupon check has never been easier than now.

As soon as you logged into Supabets official page you will immediately see the empty field where you will enter your coupon code.

Your results will show immediately and you will be informed about everything regarding your coupon.

📌 How do I download Supabets app?

1. Visit the SupaBet website through: with your mobile device.

2. At the bottom of the page, search for “download mobile app” and click on it to download.

📌 How do I register for Supabets?

To register an account with Supabets, you need to head over to via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

After your registered your account are required to complete the FICA process to activate your account so you may start betting.